Did you know that when Pinterest users are not looking for anything, 72 percent of them say it drives them and inspire action to buy?

With this social media platform, you may develop brand recognition, increase engagement traffic website, and generate more sales for your Pinterest business accounts.

To get the most out of this platform, you must use everything it offers — particularly idea pins on Pinterest Stories, create story pins, blog, and post video pins.

Story Pins are one-of-a-kind content you may use on your boards or other public board to reach people searching, more followers, and brand recognition.

On this page, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about Pinterest Stories, including:

  • What Pinterest Story Pins are
  • How to make a Story Pin on Pinterest
  • Examples of Pinterest Stories to inspire you
  • FAQ on everything Pinterest Story Pins


What is Pinterest Story Pins?

Pinterest has a new type of content provision called Story Pins, which allows you to combine videos, photos, and text into one pin to create story pin.

In-depth story pins allow users to provide more useful information to their followers, resulting in a more engaging and informative idea pin.

How to identify Pinterest Story Pins

Looking at your feed’s content, how can you tell if a pin is a Story Pin or not?

When you see a Pinterest Story Pin or create story pins in your feed, an icon in the top right corner indicates how many media pieces are included in the pin.

When you click on it, bars at the top of the screen indicate different pieces of material, such as photos or videos, in one pin.

How to make a Story Pin on Pinterest

If you want to try out Pinterest Stories, here’s how you can create your first Pinterest Story Pin:

  • Go to the Create tab in your Pinterest business account
  • Click Create Story Pin
  • Select your images or videos
  • Design each page of your pin (alter the layout, add text, etc.)
  • Click Next
  • Add title
  • Choose a board for your pin
  • Select your tags
  • Click Publish

It’s that easy! You’ll be creating story pins and interesting pins with these nine easy steps!

Four examples of Story Pins on Pinterest

You may now go on Pinterest and learn how to make a Story Pin, the most basic pin style.

Here are some fantastic Pinterest Stories you might use as a basis for your own!

Opulence Jewelry – A glimpse into clay painting on

Pinterest, Elopulence Jewellery posted a Story Pin with photos of them painting a frog-themed jewelry box.

For example, the first video clip in each Story Pin section depicts them painting the jewelry holders as they progress.

It’s a quick and easy pin that aids Opulence Jewelry in developing brand recognition and audience engagement.

Rekha Kakkar – A breakdown of delicious pasta

Rekha Kakkar a content creator offers another fantastic example of a Pinterest Story Pin. She explains how to make four-cheese pasta in this pin.

In that video he breaks down the process to create cheesy pasta into several segments.

For example, if you’re creating a recipe that includes multiple steps, Pinterest Stories is an excellent method to summarize the process in one pin.

Blossom — A combination of life hacks

Are you looking for ideas for your Pinterest Story Pins? Check out, Blossom!

To share life hacks with their audience, Mandoline used Pinterest Stories.

They address everything from cleaning a scorched pan to overcoming tough packaging.

You may utilize this Pinterest Story Pin as a source of inspiration to create your own blend of dynamic and visual stories.

The Walnut Grove — A easy DIY craft video

Check out the Walnut Grove for ideas on what to include in your Pinterest Story Pins.

To explain the procedure for building their macrame rainbow wall art, Nut Grove used Pinterest Stories.

This film is comprehensive and covers the entire process of doing the work, but it’s divided into bites to make it more consumable and easier to understand.

FAQ about Pinterest Story Pins

Got lingering questions about Pinterest Story Pins? Check out this FAQ!

Are Pinterest Stories like other story features on social media apps?

No! The term “Story” on other platforms refers to uploading material to your profile that expires after 24 hours.

These stories are featured at the top of users’ feeds.

Users’ feeds are unaffected by Pinterest Story Pins, which do not show at the top of their feeds details and do not time out.

Instead, pins from these boards appear in your Pinterest feed along with other material that people may save and repin to their profiles.

Can you link to your website through Story Pins?

No. Although Pinterest does not allow you to connect your website through these pins, you may use them to create organic, brand-building content.

What kind of media can you put on a Pinterest Story Pin?

Stories on Instagram Stories are generally made up of photographs and videos. You can use either type of media for your Story Pins.

Why is Pinterest Stories valuable?

Pinterest Stories let you post more material in one pin.

You can share more images, break down a multi-step procedure, and product details, new feature of segmenting your videos into digestible parts.

Furthermore, Pinterest Story Pins make it simple for your followers to find and consume the information.

For example, if you’re uploading a recipe, someone may need to skip to a certain recipe step or return to a previous step they missed or botched.

People can quickly return to the part they need to repeat or skip to the next most important section with idea pins or story pin on Pinterest Stories.

Someone may have all of the materials and simply need to finish up watching this portion of the video.

Then, they can simply click on the next bar and go on to the next step.

These Stories are useful for offering additional material, but they also allow users to consume them at their own leisure.

How can I make engaging Story Pins on Pinterest?

Once you know all the ins and outs of making Pinterest stories, the next question is: How do I make my Pinterest Story Pins engaging and interesting?

Here are a few quick tips to help you create better Pins on Pinterest stories:

  • Use high-quality photos and videos.
  • Segment your video at the right time (natural breaks)
  • Make sure your content marketing has a theme if you’re combining different information (For example cleaning tips, organizing tips, and money-saving tips may fall under a “life hacks” theme)
  • Make your content more engaging by using music overlays, text captions, and more just like the other creators!

You can assist your company in developing better Pinterest stories by following this complete guide information!