Google My Business is still a great place to grow both small and large companies. Posting consistently on Google My Business has been proven to show great results. Many are still unconvinced just how powerful this service can be but there are several reasons why it is still relevant.

1. Improves Google Maps Data About Your Business

If you use GMB, the data you provide will be used to populate information in Google Maps. This means that customers will find you easier and get more details about you straight from a Google Maps search. Without GMB, your presence on Google Maps is non-existent and the information that customers will find there will be very basic. Visitors tend to trust more companies that have full details on Google Maps.

2. It Enables Your Customers to Leave Reviews

Without Google My Business, customers will not be able to leave reviews of your business. Not having reviews may cause potential customers to turn away and look for other businesses close by that have a stronger online presence. How your customers perceive you influence other potential customers and improves conversion rates. It also enables you to respond to reviews thus improving your engagement with customers.

3. Adds You to Local Pack Listings

Local Pack listings are highly valuable. When someone searches for something, the first results they will see are businesses that are close by based on their live location. Only companies that use Google My Business will show up in the results and most people use those results to find something of interest. Combined with the power of Google Reviews, visitors will be more likely to convert to customers if you many positive reviews and notice that you respond to feedback.

4. Enables Access to Insights

Insights is a dedicated tool that can help provide valuable information about customers, strategies, areas of interest, demographics, search queries, engagement, clicks, and many others. All these statistics can help develop a growth strategy and understand better what you are doing right and what you should improve.

5. It Is Free

Google My Business does not cost anything. For being such a powerful tool, it makes no sense why not to use it since it does not cost any money. On top of it all, it is very easy to use even by the ones that never used it before. What matters the most is to provide accurate information, upload photos, and stay active on Google My Business.

Google My Business can help a lot, especially small and local businesses. It is important to know that it was designed only for physical businesses. If you do not own a brick-and-mortar location and deal with customers exclusively online, GMB does not add much value. The setup process takes only a few minutes and the forms that need to be filled out are straight forward. Once done, GMB will provide access to several useful tools including posts. These posts can be used to promote events, promotions, news about your business, and other useful information for potential customers. While they are not mandatory, they can have a positive impact on how visitors perceive your business.