With the birth of Facebook, businesses have found another medium to advertise their products and services. Technically, putting up a Facebook business page is free. It takes no charge to establish an account and find followers for the page. However, is it really free to successfully launch a Facebook page for a business?

To understand this, one needs to know the conditions of success for a Facebook business page. The first condition is to have enough followers so the business would be known. In order to do this, a page may have to establish a page’s desirability. Doing this may include hiring graphic designers to create a logo for the page, and creative writers to write up good introductions. Of course, these good appearances would have no point if there are no followers to see it. There is only so much sharing the page can do to increase its viewership. In order to increase the hits for the Facebook page, it may be necessary to pay Facebook for boosted posts per location. This would help increase the page viewership because more people would be able to see the posts boosted by the page.

How can I promote my business on Facebook?

Another condition is to have continuous posts being shared on the page. A higher activity level ensures the viewers that the page is active and that a steady stream of content will help them understand the product or service even more. The page also needs to be present in communication with its audience to make sure that customer queries are answered. This would ensure that more information is relayed to potential customers. In order to do this, having a steady internet connection is necessary. This would involve paying monthly utility bills for the internet. For some Facebook pages, it may also involve having to set up a peer-to-peer network allowing them to access an online shop. In order to do this, a router, and extender, and a hardware cooler would be necessary. Also, a reliable computer would be needed to make sure that the data being processed by the shop would not be lost.

While the establishment of a Facebook page may be free, it involves these costs mentioned above to keep a page up and running. Boosting a page per area would involve around $10 per boost activity. It may seem expensive at first, but these costs are only incurred at the beginning of a business. Once a stable stream of followers is available for the page, boosting the page may not be necessary. However, the costs associated with the maintenance of the page would have to be maintained over time. The hardware, the internet connection, and the common needs to maintain the page would have to be spent over to make sure that the page remains running.

Is anything really free?

The establishment of a Facebook page is “free, and always will be”, as Facebook says, but the success associated with the establishment of a business page may not be free. Spending on this provides real value for the business because Facebook provides a real opportunity for success in terms of building a customer base. It may not be free, but it’s worth it.