How Video Changed Marketing? 

When it comes to marketing, video is an amazing tool that can tell a story in a new way. But it can only share part of your message at once, so you have to make sure the content is engaging and effective. Moreover, the context in which you display your video is vital in influencing potential customers’ perception of your brand. For example, if you show a video next to something that is dangerous or doesn’t align with your brand’s values, your video may not be viewed well by the audience. 

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Storytelling in video format 

Video storytelling has changed marketing forever. Today, it is easier than ever to create stunning marketing clips. But it is essential to keep the needs of your customers in mind when creating your videos. Here are some tips to create an engaging video: 

Branded videos 

Branded videos are not only informative and entertaining, but they also show the authenticity of brands. They are also shareable, giving viewers a reason to share the content they watch. Branded videos are not just a marketing tool; they are a vital part of the marketing strategy. 

Dynamic video 

Dynamic video is a powerful marketing tool. It can target an unlimited number of audiences and showcase a specific product or service. The optimization options available for this medium are also remarkable. These ads can boost brand awareness, engagement, and acquisition. 

Targeted videos 

The way marketing has changed is through targeted videos. These video advertisements are used to promote a business and inspire viewers to take action. They are an excellent way to generate leads for a business. They can be paired with call-to-actions and text to make it easy for viewers to take action. These videos can be shared in virtually any medium, including YouTube and social media outlets. Where they’re placed is dependent on the business’s marketing strategy. 


Historically, maps were used to communicate complex data. Before the invention of infographics, data visualization was limited by the limited availability of information. But as the various sciences discovered scads of information, people needed a visual means of communicating that information. 


Polls are an excellent way to engage and generate traffic for your website. They also create noise about upcoming campaigns and products. They can also be used as moving graphics. 

SMART goals 

If you are planning to implement a video marketing strategy, you should establish SMART goals. SMART goals are defined by their five attributes, and they apply to any business. In a nutshell, they should be measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound, and relevant. 

Case studies 

Case studies are great tools to use for your marketing strategy. They are not only a great way to generate leads but also an excellent way to build brand awareness. Ideally, your case studies should feature a single product or service and feature the actions that the brand wants to encourage its viewers to take. Before creating a case study, consider the audience that you want to reach and what the ultimate goal of your video is.