How to Use Your Ecommerce Blog to Attract New Followers and Sales 

In order to create appealing content for your readers, you can integrate visual tabs to lead them to your product catalog or other events and promotions. Because online stores are generally more visual, you can use pictures of your latest posts and include titles and excerpts of the articles. Your readers will love the new content and be eager to return for more! Below are some ideas for visual tabs to increase traffic. 

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Creating engaging blog content 

To increase your audience’s engagement with your ecommerce blog, make it as interactive as possible. Consider adding quizzes. Using Grammarly or another opt-in form plugin, you can create a quiz that lets people know what their ideal customers think. Many successful brands have built a following that goes beyond the products they sell. By adding a quiz to your ecommerce blog, you can get your audience to relate to your brand on a deeper level. 

Using images 

Using images on your ecommerce blog can increase website speed and improve user experience. It is a good practice to use smaller images on your site, as high-quality images consume about 60% of the page’s bytes and 1504KB of the page’s CSS. To optimize the size of images, use a free tool like Tinyjpg or csso to shrink the file size. You can also use CSS minification tools like CSSNano and csso to reduce the file size of your images. 

Optimizing your social media profile 

Creating a great social media presence is essential for increasing brand recognition. By increasing your visibility on social media, your products and brand can reach more people and generate more leads, sales, and conversions. The following tips can help you create an attractive social media presence and increase your online presence. It is important to remember that social media optimization is not a one-time process. To make the most of social media, you must create content that is useful for your followers and customers. 

Targeting repeat buyers 

For eCommerce storefronts, having a company blog is a fantastic way to build brand awareness and drive sales. While many businesses begin blogging when they open a store, they often abandon it as the days go by. It is crucial to keep posting high-quality content on a regular basis to attract visitors and keep them interested in your products. Not only will your blog attract new followers, but your audience will also benefit from this content. 

Using internal links 

Use internal links to keep your customers on your ecommerce site for longer. These links add credibility to your pages and make your ecommerce website easy to navigate. Install Mentionable, a free WordPress plugin that creates relevant internal links. Your website will gain page rank as a result of backlinks from reputable websites. Adding relevant anchor text to these links will increase their authority.