How to Spell Ecommerce Correctly 

If you want to know how to spell Ecommerce, you need to have a good understanding of the English alphabet. It is essential to read a lot to improve your spelling memory, and it is important to know how to separate letters to spell a larger word. You can practice writing down your names, such as Ecommerce, to become more familiar with how to spell them. Then, you can use this knowledge to spell words like Ecommerce with ease. 

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When people ask themselves how to spell e-commerce, the most common answer is to use a hyphen. Hyphens indicate that an abbreviation combines two words. Many consumers spelled email with a hyphen before dropping it, and spelling guides have changed to accommodate this change. Oxford, Cambridge, and Merriam Webster all use this version. But you can use the correct spelling if you’re unsure. 

To avoid confusion, you should know how to spell e-commerce in different contexts. E-commerce is an online commercial transaction that uses electronic communication and email. In most contexts, you shouldn’t capitalize the e, but use it in titles or headlines. However, if you’re looking to avoid confusing your clients, it’s best to stick to the preferred spelling. Here are some tips to help you determine how to spell e-commerce correctly: 

e-commerce with a hyphen 

The e-commerce industry is booming and is set to stay that way, but how do you spell it correctly? There are two ways to spell e-commerce: with a hyphen and without a hyphen. AP Style Guide and Chicago Manual of Style both recommend using the correct spelling. If you’re unsure, try Google Trends to check how popular e-commerce is in the past. 

In general, the AP recommends spelling e-commerce with a hyphen. Other examples of words that are not capitalized include e-mail and the competitive video game industry esports. The lack of consistency has led to brands deciding how to spell the words. Brands like Shopify, BigCommerce, Chargebee, Digital River, and others have all opted for the simple, no-frills spelling of eCommerce. But there are many other ways to spell eCommerce with a hyphen. 

E-commerce without a hyphen 

When we say “eCommerce,” we usually include a hyphen because the word is an abbreviation of electronic commerce. However, many people spell the term without a hyphen. That’s because the hyphen indicates that the abbreviation is two words that are one. Email, for example, was spelled with a hyphen before people dropped it. This change led to many spelling guides adopting the hyphenated e-, but the AP stylebook still prefers the e-. 

Although the Associated Press has ruled that the correct spelling of email is eCommerce, it’s not the only word in the industry that doesn’t follow this rule. The competitive video game industry, for example, is referred to as esports. Lack of consistency has led to several brands and companies determining their preferred spellings. Shopify, BigCommerce, Chargebee, and Digital River have all opted for the no-frills version of eCommerce. These companies follow emerging Google search trends when spelling their names.