How to Set Up a Square Ecommerce Site 

If you want to set up a free ecommerce site, you may have heard about Square. It offers an excellent platform for ecommerce, allowing you to accept credit cards and use third-party apps. However, there are some shortcomings with Square and many users complain that they lack customization options. To get started, follow these tips. In addition to the basics of building an ecommerce site with Square, you can also customize the templates and send automated email campaigns. 

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Square ecommerce site is a free ecommerce platform 

Using Square ecommerce software will enable you to sell products online and in-store. You can set up shipping rates, flat rates, and real-time prices, and you can even print shipping labels right from the Square dashboard. You can also choose to accept payments through Cash App Pay and buy now pay later. With Square, you can set up shipping rates based on distance, and you can offer local pickup, which will be convenient for your customers. 

It allows credit card payments 

If you’re a small business owner, one of the best options for accepting credit card payments is a Square ecommerce site. This new technology allows you to accept credit card payments without a dedicated online merchant account and helps you make the payment process easier and more convenient for your customers. Square has an API that lets you integrate your ecommerce site with Square to make it easier for your customers to pay you. You can also manage your business information through a web-based dashboard. 

It allows third-party apps 

If you want to use your own custom apps to expand the functionality of your Square ecommerce site, you can. Square provides an API for developers to access basic site details. These snippets can be used to create customized applications. Besides the standard features, you can also develop your own third-party apps that will work with Square. These applications will need the ONLINE_STORE_SITE_READ permission, among other permissions. 

It lacks customization features 

If you’re interested in establishing an online store with Square, you can do so in a matter of minutes. Though Square offers an extremely powerful shop builder, it lacks some important customization features. In addition, Square only provides a single default store layout. Although this might seem like a small annoyance, Square ecommerce websites often lack the flexibility to showcase their products in the way that they want them to. 

It charges a transaction fee 

When processing credit cards, Square’s flat rates for card-not-present and invoice transactions may not be the most affordable option. However, fees associated with other Square perks are worthwhile. For example, Square’s consistency in charge of fees across invoice and card-present transactions can be helpful to merchants who compare costs in different locations and by different payment methods. However, fees for card-present transactions vary between merchants, so it is important to understand each company’s fee structure and what you’ll be paying.