How to Set Up a Foreign Winery For Direct to Consumer Ecommerce?

If you are wondering how to set up a foreign winery for direct-to-consumer eCommerce, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of Online wine sales, delivering wines worldwide, coronavirus, and setting up your website to show off your wine collection. We’ll also touch on the importance of establishing your brand to ensure your customers have the best possible experience. 

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Online sales 

Setting up online sales for a foreign winery is an easy process, but it also requires certain permits. First, it’s illegal to ship wine from another country without the right permits. Then, you must deal with customers who refuse to pay. Another way to sell wine online is to work with online retailers. These companies will purchase your wine and add it to their retail stock. In both cases, your wine will need a very good provenance. 

Setting up a website to display your wine collection 

The wine industry’s Sales Symposium was recently held in New York, and it featured data-driven insights about direct-to-consumer wine sales. Zach Kamphuis of Commerce7 presented an overall numerical view of the first seven months of 2018, heavily colored by the Covid-19 pandemic. While traditional advertising is limited in its reach, online wine sales can attract new consumers and encourage existing ones to visit your website again. 

Keeping up with state and federal laws 

Keeping up with state and federal laws when launching your foreign winery’s direct-to-consumer online store is critical for your business’ success. These laws protect both the winery and its consumers by preventing collusion among tiers of businesses. You also must maintain proper licensing and other legal documentation. Listed below are some common legal issues you should keep in mind when launching a direct-to-consumer winery website.