How to Market Your Online Personal Training Business 

Social media is a goldmine when it comes to how to market your online personal training business. By posting quality content, you’ll show readers that you have the knowledge and skills to create content. Guest blogging is another great way to get your name out there and gain readers from other websites. Always include a link back to your website and social media accounts. You can also try Facebook Live, Twitter ads, and more! 

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Content marketing 

While content marketing is an important aspect of an online personal training business, you also need to be aware that it can be time-consuming. While this is true, it is also possible to get results without breaking the bank. A good example of content is a free weekly workout, an instructional post, or a motivational quote. These pieces of content can be used to attract your target market and provide useful information about your services. 

Facebook Live 

One of the easiest ways to gain exposure for your online personal training business is to broadcast live on Facebook. Facebook Live lets you record videos in minutes, without the need for fancy equipment or expensive editing software. In addition, it saves you time. Instead of hosting an online workout session, you can record a short video with a short introduction to your services and audience. Facebook Live is becoming increasingly popular, with over 2 billion people watching live broadcasts each day. 

Blog posts 

Using a website is an effective way to promote your online personal training business and generate leads. If you use an online booking widget, visitors can book with you directly from your website, increasing customer engagement. In addition to this, the user experience should be enhanced by engaging visuals and content. Here are some tips to use a website to promote your training business. Use them to generate more leads and build a following! 

Twitter ads 

Social media has become an extremely valuable platform for marketing online personal training businesses. While you should post regularly and engage with your followers, it’s not enough to generate sales and leads with social media alone. Twitter offers unique ways to market your business, such as using ads and contests. Creating compelling content and engaging with your audience is critical to your success. Followers will be drawn to your content, so make it engaging and easy to share. 


To generate sales for your online personal training business, you can offer your customers valuable content on your website. This could be a free ebook, a free phone consultation, or a discounted membership to a gym. These freebies help you establish yourself as an expert in the field. You can also use tools like ClickFunnels to make the most of your marketing efforts.