How to Market to Teachers Online 

If you’re a teacher and you’re wondering how to market to teachers online, you’re not alone. Almost 90% of teachers prefer to receive personalized offers from brands, and the best methods of marketing to teachers are email, social media, and word-of-mouth. Among these, teachers like to receive email promotions and discounts from fellow educators. A promotional email will move a teacher almost half as much as one with a generic message. 

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Case studies 

A good way to increase your sales and get teachers to sign up for your online course is to make it as easy as possible for them to purchase your course. If you can deliver on what you promised in your course, you can make the next sale that much easier. After all, the best customers are repeat customers. And you can make up to six figures in one year if you can master the art of marketing to teachers online. 

Real-world examples 

Creating and marketing to teachers requires creativity and planning. Teachers need information and resources on various subjects that will appeal to their audience. Marketing to teachers is a time-consuming task and should be planned accordingly. Creating an editorial calendar and creating content that is engaging for teachers are important steps to ensure success. If these steps are not carried out properly, they could result in unsuccessful campaigns and wasted time. Hence, real-world examples of how to market to teachers online are essential to maximize results. 

Personalized offers 

A recent study shows that marketing to teachers is best done through social media, email, and word of mouth. Among these methods, email promotions have the best response rate, as 84 percent of educators prefer hearing about discounts from other educators. Social media, on the other hand, is an essential tool for teachers, as they use it to share their classroom experiences, plan lesson plans, and exchange stories. On Instagram, for example, 90 percent of users are educators looking for inspirational content. 

Social media 

When marketing to educators, consider using social media to increase brand awareness and engagement. Though it is unlikely that a company will ever have a physical location in a social network, it can still reach teachers online. For example, The Journal publishes a blog dedicated to educational technology, and nine out of 10 students use digital learning materials at home. Eighty-four percent of parents and teachers want more digital content for their classrooms. In addition, teachers use social media at a higher rate than the general population. It is possible to reach teachers by joining niche communities. 


One of the key strategies to make your online presence stand out amongst the masses is to create a strong brand. Branding is the key to surviving the competitive world of education, and having a solid online presence will help you do just that. Make sure you keep your online profile up to date with your credentials, and add any professional development you’ve taken. Keep your profile fresh by adding training courses and other professional development.