How to Market My Art Online 

Listed below are tips to promote your art online. Build an online art portfolio. Create a social media strategy or hire online marketers. Cross-promote with another artist. Article directory profile. Share your art with others. Use video and photos to highlight your work. Use a social networking site like Facebook to build an online art portfolio. Cross-promote with another artist. Share your art in forums. Cross-promote with a popular artist to get more exposure. 

Build an online art portfolio 

Building an online art portfolio can increase traffic and sell more artworks. In addition to your website, you can print brochures and newsletters to promote your work. You can create professional business cards for a low price with services like Office Depot and Vistaprint. Artists using WordPress can add a link to their portfolio to the menu bar of their site. Photographers can use other website builders to promote their art. 

Create a social media strategy 

Social media can be an excellent way to promote your art online. Not only will it help you gain followers, but you’ll also learn how to market on these networks. Artists who succeed in social media are the ones who are flexible enough to change their tactics. They use the network to their advantage and keep the following engaged with their artwork. Here are some tips to help you market your art on social media. 

Cross-promote with another artist 

One great way to increase exposure for your artwork is to cross-promote with another artist. This is an excellent way to promote your art without sending potential clients to your competitors’ websites. You can also track the results of your social media promotion by using analytics tools. These tools will tell you how many people have seen your posts or visited your online portfolio. By comparing these results, you can determine which marketing tactics are most effective. 

Create an article directory profile 

Submitting articles to article directories is a great way to promote your art or business online. Unlike other marketing techniques, article submission to article directories is free and thousands of other people are already using them. Once your profile has been created, you can start writing articles and submitting them to article directories to promote your business or products. When used wisely, article directories can dramatically increase your business exposure. 

Create a business page on Facebook and Instagram 

If you are an artist, you can create a Facebook page that is separate from your profile. A Facebook business page allows you to promote your art and interact with other users. You can include your name as the page’s title, and use a similar profile picture as your one. You can also keep your account for sharing updates, and add your business page to it. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure that you are social on social media. 

Create an engaging video 

Whether you have a gallery, a website, or both, creating an engaging video to market your art online is a powerful way to sell more art and connect with potential customers. Natasha Wescoat, a blogger and artist, recommends making a video that is between 30 seconds and three minutes long. The video can be edited using free software like iMovie. To make it more appealing, ask yourself what you want viewers to do after watching it. 

Get noticed on social media 

One of the best ways to market your art online is to get noticed on social media. Many social media platforms have reached their saturation point, making it much more difficult to get noticed on these platforms. Additionally, there are fewer virality opportunities than there were three to four years ago. That said, artists still have an advantage over business accounts on these networks. By doing interesting and unique things, artists can still spark growth and expand their audience.