How to Manage Many E-commerce Sites at Once 

If you’re wondering how to manage many eCommerce sites at the same time, you’re not alone. Most online business owners struggle with this issue. In this article, we’ll talk about two popular platforms, AmeriCommerce and Znode. If you’re interested in establishing a multi-site business, this is an essential topic for you to learn about. These platforms offer you a variety of benefits for your business. 

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AmeriCommerce is a great option for multi-store merchants as it offers an intuitive admin panel. AmeriCommerce is also easy to install and configure, allowing you to manage multiple sites from the same admin panel. AmeriCommerce is hosted on Rackspace, which boasts a high uptime record and frequently updates its software. AmeriCommerce allows you to customize the layout of your dashboard and assign different roles to different users. Moreover, you can even sell products directly on Facebook or on a blog. 

AmeriCommerce was founded in 2005 and has the original multi-store management software. It was also one of the first companies to integrate a Facebook shop and one-page checkout. It currently processes over half a billion dollars in transaction volume, and more than 5,000 sites use the service. Most of its users are multi-store operators and use AmeriCommerce to manage several sites at once. 

Multi-store capability is one of the most attractive aspects of AmeriCommerce. You can manage as many as eight different eCommerce sites at once. You can create as many storefronts as you need. In addition, AmeriCommerce integrates with many popular website builders. You’ll never have to worry about multiple logins again. In addition to the ease of use, the software allows you to set up multiple stores and manage them all from one interface. 


When it comes to managing multiple eCommerce sites at once, nothing compares to Znode. The built-in Digital Asset Manager (DAM) stores the vast majority of file types and can apply it globally across multiple stores, ensuring that the user experience is consistent. Its customer-friendly features help simplify the order lifecycle and management of expectations. Administrators can manage shipping, orders, and promotions all in one place, while customer-service representatives can apply for promotions at the moment. 

The built-in features and headless architecture of Znode make it an ideal choice for eCommerce sites. The platform supports multiple channels and enables companies to offer a more individualized brand experience for customers. Moreover, its robust search and marketing tools can help businesses build brand loyalty and deliver engaging experiences. Whether you are running a B2C or B2-B business, Znode is the best choice for managing multiple eCommerce sites at once. 

Another great advantage of Znode is its ability to handle an unlimited number of eCommerce sites at once. Its B2B functionality helps manufacturers and wholesale distributors grow their business. This allows you to manage the many eCommerce sites at once, including multiple distributor portals, while avoiding the headaches and cost of managing multiple eCommerce sites. Further, the software has built-in B2B features that will facilitate communication between manufacturers and distributors.