How to Increase Search Engine Optimization For Free? 

Increasing search engine optimization is an effective way to increase site traffic and improve website rankings. It’s a process that involves making small modifications to parts of your site. When done properly, these changes can make a big impact on your website’s search engine ranking and user experience. 

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Optimizing Page URLs, Titles, and Headings

While search engine algorithms are great at understanding what pages are about, they still need your help in order to rank your content. By incorporating your keyword phrase into the page URL, title, and headings, you can improve search engine rankings. 

Linking internally to your blog posts and other pages is another way to improve your SEO score. This is because links are a signal of authority. It’s important to use descriptive links that add value to the content on your site, instead of using “click here” or other generic anchor text. 

You can also boost your site’s speed and efficiency by optimizing your images for the web. Make sure to use an image-optimized WordPress plugin and optimize your images for search engines by using a descriptive title and alt tag.