How to Improve Page SEO? 

It’s a given that fast-loading websites are rewarded with higher user engagement metrics like click-through rates. Fortunately, Google offers a tool to measure and optimize your site’s performance called PageSpeed Insights, which can help you improve page load times on your mobile and desktop sites alike. 

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The most important metric is the overall page speed of your website – which can be improved by caching content, limiting redirects, optimizing image sizes, and other optimizations you’ve likely heard of but may not have thought about. Using the latest in web technologies, such as HTTPS, can improve your ranking and ROI by delivering a more stable and secure experience to your users. 

Optimized h3> and h2> tags are your best friends when it comes to search engine optimization. These small but mighty HTML tags provide valuable information about your website, including what is displayed on each page and where that content lives in the context of the rest of your site. Besides being useful to search engines, they’re a delight for your visitors and can make a world of difference when it comes to user experience.