How to Implement SSL/TSL for Ecommerce?

An SSL certificate is a key to establishing a secure session with a user’s browser. The certificate connects the company’s information to a cryptographic key, ensuring the security of customer information and financial transactions. This security measure will help your website and your customers avoid fraudulent activity. 

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OV SSL certificates 

If you are looking to secure your website for eCommerce, you should consider buying an Organization Validated SSL certificate (OV SSL). This type of SSL certificate is issued under the name of a legal company, a trading name, or a DBA. This type of certificate shows that your business is legitimate and has been verified by a legitimate certification authority. This is a great option for websites that deal with sensitive information and want to ensure that their customers are receiving only legitimate content. 

OV SSL certificates are more expensive than the other types of SSL certificates. However, they offer a high level of security, and they display a padlock sign on the website. They also require a standard identity verification process. This type of certificate is primarily used for high-profile eCommerce websites that process logins and facilitate online payments. OV SSL certificates are also ideal for websites that handle sensitive information about their customers. 

When purchasing an OV SSL certificate for your eCommerce website, make sure to look for a certificate authority with plenty of experience in this field. Not only will this ensure that your eCommerce site is secure, but it will also increase consumer confidence in your business. A branded address bar in the browser will also highlight your company name in green. 

EV SSL certificates 

For a secure online shopping experience, an EV SSL certificate is essential. This secure certificate will display a green bar and your company’s name on the page, ensuring your customers that they are dealing with a legitimate company. It also makes it more difficult for hackers and other cybercriminals to spoof your website. Large businesses and eCommerce sites should consider getting this security certificate as it will increase their credibility and convince consumers that they are a serious business. 

An EV SSL certificate is especially important if you’re starting up a new eCommerce business. Having an SSL certificate will increase customer trust and encourage them to make purchases from your website. The process involves several checks and validations, including a certification authority. This validates that the organization you’re requesting an SSL certificate for has reviewed and approved your application. The green bar will also indicate your site’s legitimacy, and the customers will be more likely to purchase if they see it on their browsers. 

SSL is essential for eCommerce sites, as customers are often afraid of identity theft and phishing. Offering watertight security will alleviate customers’ concerns. In addition to protecting their financial and personal data, an EV SSL certificate can also boost your reputation in the eyes of search engines.