How to Get Ecommerce Traffic Without Doing Anything 

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce website without doing anything is by using referral programs. For example, Evernote offers premium services to users who invite friends to join their program. When friends sign up, they can also get discounts on future purchases or gifts. Another great way to drive traffic to your website is by building an email list. Once you’ve built your list, you can send out emails to your subscribers to make them feel special and invite them to buy from your store. 

Building an email list 

One of the best ways to get eCommerce traffic is by building an email list. Building an email list is a great way to increase your visibility, increase your sales, and increase profits. There are many ways to build an email list. Here are a few tips that can help you get started. 

First, use a referral program. This is a great way to use existing customers to grow your email list. You can also offer your customers incentives to sign up for your mailing list, such as a discount for future purchases. 

Guest blogging 

Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase traffic to your eCommerce store without spending any money. It helps increase brand exposure, authority, and credibility, and can create positive connections and network expansion. Although it takes a great deal of work, guest blogging can be a profitable strategy if done right. 

Guest blogging can help you expand your reach by connecting with other bloggers in your industry. You can do this by working with social media influencers, who have large followings and a lot of credibility in their industry. Influencers’ opinions are often taken seriously by consumers, and they are often more likely to purchase after reading an influential blog post. It’s reported that seventy percent of millennials will purchase after hearing a recommendation from someone they respect and admire. 


If you’re wondering how to get more eCommerce traffic without doing anything, think about how you can target certain countries for your product. For example, if you sell travel gear, you might want to target visitors in Germany. Using a marketing tool such as MonsterInsights can help you find the best countries to target and the regions with high traffic. It will also show you the best practices for marketing. 

Aside from creating an ad campaign for specific markets, you can also create a referral program. This will help you maximize existing customer bases and increase traffic to your eCommerce site. You can also offer rewards for referring friends to your business, such as discount codes for future purchases. Developing an email list is another great traffic-generating strategy. It will help you build a list of potential customers to whom you can offer coupons and gifts. 

Pay-per-click advertising 

Traffic is essential for the success of your eCommerce store. Both brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers depend on it to make sales. And eCommerce is growing fast – it now accounts for 14.1% of all retail sales worldwide. If you are looking to attract more online shoppers to your store, here are a few tricks. 

First, you can pay for advertisements. This can drive a lot of traffic to your website, but it is expensive. Organic traffic is more effective, as it builds trust, domain authority, and user intent. Organic traffic is free, and your site will become popular if it appears on the first page of a search engine. Moreover, internet users skip paid ads and sponsored search results and instead look for high-ranking organic links. 

Word of mouth 

One of the most effective ways to generate traffic for your online store is through word-of-mouth marketing. It is a free and organic way to market your store, and it can be a valuable source of free traffic. Creating a compelling campaign that triggers an emotional response from potential customers is a great way to generate word-of-mouth. 

A referral program can be an effective way to leverage existing customers and drive traffic to your eCommerce site. For example, Evernote lets its users invite their friends to sign up for free premium services. Then, once the friends join, they can give them discounts, gifts, or credit towards their next purchase. Another popular way to generate traffic is to build email lists of interested users.