How to Find the Best Keywords For SEO?

There are several ways to find the best keywords for your website. You can check out your competitor’s websites to see what they are using for keywords and research these keywords on your own. You can also use tools like SEMRush, which can analyze traffic to any website and determine how it ranks in search results. Many companies also hire SEO companies to do keyword research for them. They then add keywords to content on their websites. 


AnswerThePublic is a comprehensive keyword research tool, with over one billion terms to choose from. It provides keyword data, including search volume, CPC, and competition levels. It also has a keyword generator tool to generate keyword ideas for content marketing. And you can set alerts for new searches. 

Besides keyword research, the tool also provides information on keyword trends. It analyzes the search patterns and helps marketers decide which keywords are more relevant and have the highest chance of generating traffic. It also shows whether certain keywords are trending and whether they have a low volume of searches. 

Google Autocomplete 

One of the best SEO tools available is Google Autocomplete, and it can help you find the best keywords for your site. While most of us are familiar with the standard “complete the phrase” method, the new autocomplete feature offers a wide range of options, including plurals and word order variations. Once you have your keyword list in place, you can start using them to optimize your website. 

While popularity does factor into the keyword rankings, Google is also looking for content that will be relevant to the searcher’s needs. Google’s algorithms measure the “freshness layer” of queries and display the most relevant results first. Using autocomplete, you can uncover trends in keywords and learn what your competitors are writing about. 


If you want to get SEO results fast, you can use Ubersuggest. This tool allows you to search your competitors’ websites to find the best keywords to use. It also lets you view your SEO progress over a custom date range. The tool will show you estimated organic traffic, backlinks, SEO score, and competitor tracking. 

You can also use Ubersuggest to mine competitor sites’ content for keywords and monitor trends. It also gives you content ideas and detailed backlink data. The tool was originally designed to scrape Google Suggest terms and wasn’t very popular before being purchased by Neil Patel, an experienced author and internet entrepreneur who’s won multiple Top 100 awards. 


SEMrush has a keyword tool that helps you find the most relevant keywords for your website. Its advanced filters help you narrow down your search to highly targeted keywords. It also allows you to compare keywords and track their changes over time. By comparing keywords and their rankings, you can evaluate how effective your SEO campaign is. 

Using the tool is easy. Enter a seed keyword and country into the Keyword Magic tool. Then, it will generate a list of thousands of relevant keywords. The Keyword Magic Tool also has several options to further narrow down the list.