How to Drive Traffic to an Ecommerce Site?

If you own an eCommerce site, you’re probably aware of the importance of traffic. With a high traffic level, your brand and products are known to more people, but you need high-quality traffic to turn your traffic into customers. Here’s how to increase your traffic and convert it into sales. Boost your traffic to your eCommerce site with these simple strategies. Keep your content fresh and relevant. Pay attention to LSI keywords and optimize your product descriptions. Consider adding a minimum purchase limit and running a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign. 

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Content freshness 

It’s not always easy to build organic traffic to your eCommerce website, but content freshness can help you get ahead of the competition. Google prioritizes content freshness when ranking results. People search for items that are relevant to their interests, so they want results that are current and recent. In 2011, Google made changes to its ranking algorithm to make this distinction. Consequently, they now prioritize recency over age when determining which websites will rank high in search results. 

Paid social media ads 

There are several ways to use paid social media ads to drive traffic to your eCommerce site. For example, you can use Instagram to create dynamic, personalized ads to promote specific products. However, Twitter ads can be expensive and tend to get lost in the shuffle. Nevertheless, Pinterest can be a great ally when you want to reach a specific audience or product category. This is because Pinterest’s audience is predominantly composed of women aged 25 to 50. 

Using LSI keywords 

LSI keywords are a great way to increase your page rank for two different keywords. However, they have to be chosen carefully and implemented correctly to make any difference. There are several ways to find related keywords. To get started, use a free LSI keyword tool such as Google keyword planner. This tool will help you find related terms by browsing the Google search results for the phrase you are interested in. You can also try using a paid tool such as LSI Graph, which is available for $27 a month. 

Adding a minimum purchase limit 

Putting a minimum purchase amount on an eCommerce site can reduce cart abandonment. You can set the minimum order value as low as $10, or even $25. This allows customers to get the products they want without costing you a fortune. This policy can be included in e-commerce settings or even on signage. In addition to reducing cart abandonment, a minimum purchase value policy will keep you from losing profit. 

Using Reddit 

If you want to boost sales, you should use Reddit to advertise your eCommerce website. You can post links to your products and build karma by interacting with other users. By creating a post, you can get tens of thousands of visitors to your website in just a few hours. Reddit is a powerful platform for promoting your business, as it can help you increase ad revenue and drive more traffic to your site.