How to Create an Ecommerce Store on WhatsApp 

If you’ve ever wondered how to create an eCommerce store on WhatsApp, you’re not alone! This new feature lets your customers search for products and services through WhatsApp. But unlike a normal business store, an eCommerce store on WhatsApp is an online store that can be operated and maintained via WhatsApp. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of the new features. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful. 

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Vepaar chrome extension 

With the Vepaar Chrome extension, you can easily create an eCommerce store on WhatsApp. You can create and manage products, categories, and orders. You can also integrate payment gateways to accept payments. And you can even support multiple payment methods like PayLater and collect. Repair also supports messaging on any number. And it’s super-fast. Besides, you can sell your products on social networking sites without having to worry about the complexities of setting up a traditional eCommerce store. 


Creating an eCommerce store on WhatsApp is now a reality with the use of Richpanel, an application that extends customer support to WhatsApp. This is especially useful for businesses looking to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The application enables businesses to collect and analyze essential data from visitors, as well as send them automatic surveys, which they can use to improve their business. Users can even choose from among different languages to communicate with customers. 

WhatsApp Business API 

If you’ve been wondering how to create an eCommerce store on WhatsApp, you’re not alone. It is possible to start a business on the popular chatbot app without a business account. The WhatsApp Business API enables the creation of a store in a matter of minutes. But how does it work? Here are three important things to know first. First, the Business API requires a verified Facebook business manager ID. Second, you need a business display name and a verified Facebook business manager ID. Lastly, you’ll need a phone number without a WhatsApp account and a name and region to activate your WhatsApp account. Thirdly, the platform provides you with chat room and messaging features. These features allow your website visitors to interact with your business in a friendly manner. 

WhatsApp group chat feature 

If you have an online store, you should try using the WhatsApp group chat feature to interact with customers. Using this feature allows you to interact with your customers through multimedia content, including images and audio. Additionally, you can use this to answer customer questions, provide resources, and much more. For example, you can send a message to customers informing them when a product is back in stock. You can also send messages to a selected group of customers. 

WhatsApp chat widget 

You can add a WhatsApp chatbot to your eCommerce website and offer your customers the option to buy products through the messaging service. A WhatsApp chatbot has some basic features, including location tracking, multimedia messages, and documents. To integrate the widget into your website, you must first activate a WhatsApp business account and provide the business name, display name, and region. Then, you need to paste the widget code into the corresponding place on your website. WATI has created a free WhatsApp chat button widget that you can use on your website.