Many businesses are under the myth that the need to build an email list is dead.[1] However, there’s still huge significance in an email list including the traditional email newsletter. Not creating an email list is a mistake that many businesses are making. An email list is essentially an additional list of contacts to promote new products or services. Potential leads for every element of business are important and a sufficient list can become a part of your lead generation. The following blog post discusses how to effectively build an email list to help with your business objectives.

5 Simple Ways To Build An Email List

1. Pitch Your Email

If you have a social media business account, pitching your email to your audience is a great way to build an email list. In fact, the followers that engage with your pitch is more likely to substantially engage with your business.

2. Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA is a request for the desired action. By creating a call to action for your visitors to become a part of your email list on your website, you’ll easily accomplish your desired results and build your email list.

3. An Opportunity To Sign-Up On Your Homepage

When a visitor comes to your website, your homepage is their initial start. Create a sign-up box on your homepage that invites your visitors to register with their email. Make it an easy process by simply asking for their email with an on-site pop-up.

4. Ask For An Email At Checkout

If your visitor has made a recent purchase, ask for an email address at checkout to use later as a part of your email list. When you have new products or discount opportunities, as a part of your email list, your subscribers will have an opportunity to take part in exclusive offers.

5. Offer An Incentive

Customers love incentives. To build your email list, offer a discount on your products, goods, and services in exchange for your visitors leaving their email. For example, offer them 10% off simply for leaving an email address. Once a visitor leaves their email, you can include them as a part of your regular email list.

How To Retain Your Email List

The fastest way to lose your email list subscribers is by bombarding them with unnecessary content. You never want your followers to see your emails and consider them spam. By contacting your email subscribers with what’s new with your business or discount offers, they’re more likely to actually open and interact with your email. Stick to content that’s useful to your email subscribers to maintain a positive relationship that leads to conversion.

Building an email list is one of the most important tools you’ll use to maintain communication with your customers.[2] Focus on building a strong email list and reconnecting with inactive subscribers too. Be patient, a strong, but effective email list won’t be built overnight.

Build your business communication and increase conversion. Start your business email list today!


[1] Business Insider[2]

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