How to Add a Block in Ecommerce Kickstart?

If you have a cart page and wish to add a block, this article will show you how to do this. You can also choose to add a shopping cart page. This article will also show you how to add a product block. The process is easy once you have mastered the basics of the eCommerce branding kickstart editor. 

Adding a block 

You can add a block on your Squarespace site with the block editor. The block editor allows you to insert content such as text, images, buttons, and forms. You can add blocks on layout pages, blog posts, and more. The placement of a block depends on the version of Squarespace and editing settings on your computer. 

Adding a shopping cart block 

Drupal lets you create a shopping cart block on a page. It’s a component of a page, but you can customize it to match the style of your store. To add a shopping cart block to a page, navigate to the admin area and click Structure, Views. 

Adding a cart page 

Adding a cart page to your store or cart is a critical element of the checkout process. It allows you to convert users by reducing distractions and obstacles. In addition, it allows you to update the products in your cart easily. You can even customize the cart pages with a variety of layouts. 

Commerce kickstart provides complete themes and configurations for your full-featured demo store. It also includes social media integration and top secure payment gateways. In addition, you can display featured products, deals of the day, and company information. 

Adding a product block 

Adding a product block to your store is a simple yet powerful way to showcase your products. It lets you feature a single product and is especially useful for highlighting items that are currently on sale or are on special offer. However, you can’t create new products using the product block. Instead, the block displays product information pulled from the pages of your store. 

You can choose to show or hide the product title, image, and description. You can also choose whether to show the price and add an Add to Cart button.