A steady stream of posts allows a Facebook page to thrive in terms of the number of followers and its activity. For businesses that manage pages in this platform, consistent presence in their followers’ walls would allow them to let their audience know about their plans, their activities, and the fact that they are an active business. If you are interested in effective social media marketing, call the Phoenix SEO Geeks

Knowing when to post and how often to do this is an important aspect in the success of a Facebook business page. Which begs the question, how often should a business post on Facebook?

The density of posting content on Facebook depends on three things: nature of the business, type of target audience, and market demographics. Being able to determine the needs of the business through these three factors would help a business determine the right volume and timing of posts which would translate to the frequency of posts on a Facebook page.

Nature refers to a business’ industry, structure, and layout of operations. A fashion-related shop may find it more appropriate to post things on a more regular basis or as there are new items arriving because these posts tend to be engaging and entertaining for customers to look at. Being able to window shop online is one of the best things, which also increases the likelihood of customers buying their products.

However, if the business is a funeral parlor or a life plans seller, it may be more appropriate to keep posts to a minimal degree, or seasonally, as it may be viewed as morbid by most people. These types of businesses may find it interesting to post humor in times where people need to be discouraged to do something in order to avoid harm, such as going out during a pandemic lockdown. This makes the posts more engaging and appropriate to the situation by sending the message that they want to help spread the word on caution. In terms of a business’ nature, it may be appropriate to look deeper into the insight which customers may get, and how they may react, in order to create a proper frequency for posting.

Knowing your target audience

Knowing the frequency of reporting through an examination of the type of target audience is important because such an audience would be the respondents that matter to the Facebook page. If the target audience is composed of teenagers, posting frequently may be appropriate because they can react to posts more actively. If, on the other hand, the target audience is composed of middle-aged people, it may be appropriate to keep posting on evenings or on weekends, to allow them to keep up with the page trend. This way, they would be able to get updates on the page without leaving out things that were posted on times they were inactive. The key to achieving an optimal posting frequency in this factor is to determine the normal habits of their target audience and take advantage of these habits to increase the page’s interaction with the customers.

Demographics may be used synonymously with target audiences at times, but using demographics to determine the appropriate posting frequency may be more appropriate for larger companies. Large businesses may find it better to target a wider market, therefore analyzing population demographics rather than restrictive clusters like target audiences. In this case, evaluating populations by income level, age, gender, and certain habits may be able to create an optimal “target audience” which is not limited to singular groups.

Every business has unique needs

The frequency to which Facebook pages should post is not a technical matter. It must be handled with care, conservatism, analysis, and utmost consideration for the public. This would help in creating an effective channel by which businesses can promote their products/services and interact with their customers at the same time.

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