HostGator – How Much Is The Ecommerce Add On In HostGator? 

Before we begin to compare the features and pricing of host gator vs. its competitors, let’s have a closer look at the price and limitations of eCommerce. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few different pricing plans, as well as a free trial offer. In addition to the price, we’ll look at the features of each plan, as well as any limitations they may have. 

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HostGator has three pricing tiers for its cloud hosting. The first tier is the cheapest. After that, the pricing tier increases by about a third. CodeGuard offers daily backups and one-click restoration. There are also three CPU speeds. All of these features make Cloud hosting an excellent choice for small businesses. The main disadvantage is the high price, but it’s still well worth considering if you’re starting a store. 


Although there are no real limitations when it comes to using the eCommerce add-on in Hostgator, you should still be aware of its shortcomings. The service has a relatively slow loading speed and low uptime, so it would be better to move on to a dedicated hosting plan if your site will receive heavy traffic. However, this plan comes with many expensive add-ons and a confusing registration process. 


If you’re interested in launching a successful online store, HostGator has the right package for you. Their starter package includes everything you need to get started, including a shopping cart, inventory management, and tax calculations. You’ll also receive $200 in ad vouchers and 24/7 customer support. In addition, your website will be protected with an SSL certificate, which is essential for e-commerce sites. 

Free trial 

There’s a good chance you’ve seen ads for the Hostgator eCommerce add-on. It looks pretty promising, but there are a few caveats that you should be aware of before taking advantage of it. The first of these caveats is the free trial. While this feature may be limited to a single domain, it’s still well worth trying out. 

Dedicated server 

Dedicated server plans are designed to give you the greatest control over your site, as well as flexibility and security. This type of hosting eliminates issues like shared IP addresses, bandwidth, and configuration limits, and gives you the kind of power that you need to succeed. Dedicated servers from HostGator also feature IP-based firewalls and state-of-the-art DDOS protection. But you should be aware that this kind of hosting comes with a higher price tag. 

SSL certificate 

When you purchase a web hosting plan, you should know how much the SSL certificate costs. Free SSL certificates don’t come with the usual business verification or site seal. In contrast, commercial SSL certificates come with a site seal and warranty. HostGator offers several different types of SSL. Find out how much each type of SSL costs and which is best for your website.