How Much Does Video Marketing Cost? 

When you want to create a video for marketing purposes, you will need to decide on a production type. Depending on the type of video, there are a number of factors that will influence the price. One of these factors is the equipment required for the production. Another factor is the number of versions of the video you need. 

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Production costs 

The production costs of video marketing campaigns can be high. There are many steps in the process, including concept planning and storyboarding. The process can take several man days and is therefore a line item in the budget. In addition, tape transfers and the time it takes to edit and upload the video can be expensive. You may need to hire an in-house video production company or hire a third-party video production company. Typically, third-party video production companies will charge you anywhere from $50 to $400 an hour. 

Equipment needed 

Using a video camera with a tripod is essential for stabilizing your video content. Without a tripod, your videos will show noticeable camera shake. A tripod will transform a basic camera into an effective video marketing tool. The best tripods are fluid-head models, which allow you to tilt the camera. 

Variations in production types 

When it comes to video marketing, there are a variety of production types and prices. Whether you want a simple talking head video or a high-end multi-location shoot, the cost of video production will vary. Many factors can affect the cost of video production, including the technical complexity and creative direction. 


For a business to reap the full benefits of video marketing, it’s essential to understand how much it will cost. Many small businesses are put off by the price tag, thinking it is simply out of their budget. But, there are ways to make video marketing affordable for your business without breaking the bank. 


There are a variety of factors that determine the cost of video marketing. The length of the video, for example, may increase the cost by as much as 30 percent. While a 3-minute video is not much longer than a two-minute one, it requires more storyboarding and may even require multiple locations. 


The cost of video marketing depends on several factors. Among these are the type of production and location. The production process can be costly, requiring a high-quality video crew and high-end equipment. A professional video crew will cost between $25 and $75 per hour, while lighting technicians typically cost $30 to $50 an hour.