When posting on Facebook, several reactions can be expected of the audience. Some may react positively to short posts, while some appreciate long posts, especially when the content is quite intriguing. The goal of establishing a Facebook page for a business is to keep an audience informed about their products and services, along with promotions being held by the business. In keeping their attention to the posts active, the business must be able to determine the length to which businesses compose the content on the page.

Long posts are usually followed by Facebook users when it involves content that is relatable. Pages that create posts for entertainment and audience participation may be more likely to read long posts. Determining the proper Facebook posting length for businesses should highly depend on audience preferences. In this case, the company should determine whether its target audience has habits which may preclude them from reading long posts, or disengage them if they see short posts on the page.

For instance, a company selling books may find it better to have longer posts than shorter ones, since their customer base may be composed of heavy readers who are able to keep their attention span despite the long reading hours. If their customer base is composed of businessmen, then a shorter post length must be proper because businessmen tend to have little available time for Facebook reading.

How to reach people on Facebook

Facebook pages can also go about spreading information in different ways. For instance, they could create a short caption which creates suspense on the part of the readers and share a link containing a long, detailed blog post about the information they want to share. This tactic is effective for areas with accessible internet connections because the audience would be more likely to be engaged in reading that way.

For countries with less accessible internet connectivity, posting the content directly on Facebook may be more appropriate to keep the audience engaged. In order for this to work, the page should consider creating a highly engaging headline, with an interesting illustration or photo related to the post. This would create interest on the part of the readers.

These two approaches are the two most used styles in business Facebook posts these days. From these formats, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking should be done in order to successfully engage the audience. Also, having one standard format would help in improving the viewership of the page because it would help in giving a distinguishing mark for the audience to see when skimming through Facebook posts.

There’s no one size fit’s all solution

In every business problem, more than one solution to the problem should be considered. In this case, no definite length should be set in order to determine the appropriate length of Facebook posts for businesses.

However, the visible parts of the post must, at the very least, be engaging and interesting to the audience. This way, no matter how long the post depending on the audience, it would still create interest for them to keep reading. This is not technical, but considering these guidelines would help in making the Facebook page more interesting for their readers.

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