After going live online, you’re probably thinking that half of the work is done already and that everyone can now easily access your blogs or your products where all you really have to do is wait for them to come. Well, the stone-cold truth is you are not even an inch closer to that online presence that you want. You see, the internet is a bloody battlefield where every website is fighting for even just a single click and if you are just starting out, your website is simply like a tiny bug that not even animals will care about. Start winning this fight today by calling Phoenix SEO Geek. So now, you’re probably wondering what to do if that was the case. It’s simple really. Just get your site on Google’s first page.

Google searches are dominating the world

When you want to search for something on the internet, you have the option of choosing among more than 20 search engines but have you ever experienced wondering what search engine to use? If your answer is no, that’s simply because Google is already there for you. As of now, Google takes up to 92% of the search engine global share with Bing following behind having a measly share of just over 2%.

The number of google searches easily surpasses the sum of all the searches done on other search engines in an exceedingly dominating manner placing Google on a completely different level among its competitors, if you could still call them that at this point. Hence, if you want your site to have the organic traffic that you want, your first goal should be to become indexed on Google, or in simple terms, your site should be searchable on Google in the first place.

Never settle for Google’s second page

So you started gearing the development of your website towards being indexed on Google and through your hard work and patience, you finally managed to see your website on Google’s second page. Now, you’re probably thinking that maybe you should ease up a little bit and maybe do a celebration or two but sorry to pour cold water on you, there’s really nothing worth celebrating yet.

You should never settle for the second page since according to Moz, 71% of internet search traffic clicks are done on Google’s first page. Following very closely behind is the second page at a whopping 6%. Don’t get me wrong, that still a huge share if you’re the only one getting all of that 6% but that’s just not remotely possible.

How can you get on the first page of Google searches?

The main key in answering that question basically boils down on how are you utilizing your keywords. For this, you can hire companies that exactly deal with this field or you can learn it yourself to save you a huge amount of money but would probably take much more time and effort and you’re not even guaranteed to have the results that you want. In any case, it is very important to do extensive research or take professional advice first before deciding what you should do next. Once this is well taken care of, you’ll immediately an increase in traffic for your website and you’ll have greater chances of landing on the first page.

If you finally found your site on the first page for google searches, you can now set your eyes towards the ultimate level which is becoming the first link that would come out if people want to find certain products or information that is related to your website contents and for this, be prepared to face the behemoths that have been in the game for a long time now. Although it might sound impossible at first, there are actually many ways that have been proven to work that you can try as well.

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