How can you use video to increase engagement on your website? 

Ways You Can Use Video to Increase Engagement on Your Website. 

Video is a great way to increase engagement on your website. It can attract new customers and keep current ones engaged, helping you to win their business. However, you need to have a good video marketing strategy in place before you start using videos. (Searching in Google, “Enhancing Dental SEO“? Contact us today!)

Here are a few ways you can use video to increase engagement on your website:

1.Evoke emotions in viewers by adding music.

Including music is one of the best ways to create videos that inspire viewer engagement. Adding music can bring a storyline to life and help your video stand out from the competition. There are plenty of royalty-free music and sound effect libraries available for you to choose from. 

2. Add social proof to your content.

Providing your viewers with testimonials, ratings and reviews is a fantastic way to increase engagement and build trust in your brand. It shows potential customers that other people like them have experienced the benefits of your product or service and encourages them to give it a try. 

3. Make it easy to share the content. 

Having sharing buttons and embedding your videos on social media is another great way to increase engagement. These social media widgets are simple to install and allow your visitors to share the videos they like with their friends on other platforms. 

4. Create a compelling thumbnail to drive engagement.

Creating attention-grabbing thumbnails for your videos is a simple and cost-effective strategy that can boost engagement. Creating an eye-catching thumbnail is especially important on mobile devices, where users are increasingly accustomed to watching videos on the go.

5.Use video annotations to re-engage readers and drive more views.

Using video annotations is a great way to boost video engagement on your blog posts. These little bubbles of text are designed to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, comment or view other videos on your site.

6.Use a responsive design to display your video on different screens.

Adapting your video to the screen size of each viewer is essential to increasing engagement and keeping users on your page. You can do this by utilizing a tool like TwicPics that automatically optimizes your video for the user’s screen dimensions and aspect ratio. 

7. Add a call to action.

CTAs are an important part of any video marketing strategy, and they should be included in every video you produce. Adding a call to action is the simplest way to increase engagement, and it also helps ensure that your viewers follow through on their actions. 

8. Include video testimonials.

Including videos from happy clients is a great way to increase engagement on a blog post or video. It makes the content more memorable and encourages viewers to share it with their friends. 

9. Create a compelling landing page for your video.

When it comes to promoting videos, the main goal is to attract a lot of traffic to your website. A good landing page will have a catchy title and captivating video, as well as a clear call to action.