Email lists are essential these days. Almost every single business that deals directly with customers has an email subscription service to newsletters and offers. Growing the email list is the challenging part but there are a few effective ways to do it.

1. Discounts and Deals

Customers love discounts and deals on products and services. Consider offering a voucher code for visitors that subscribe to your email list. Such discounts also encourage potential customers to go through with their order which means that it also helps drive sales

2. Offer Something Free

Truth be told, nothing is ever free. If you are selling digital goods, think about offering a free digital product for visitors that subscribe to your newsletters. Visitors are more likely to subscribe to a newsletter when they get something for free even if that thing they are getting may not bring them much value. Just try to offer something in return to visitors that subscribe.

3. Add More Subscription Buttons

It is a common practice to have a subscription sign-up form on the main page. Once users move beyond the main page of the website, they still need to be presented with the option to subscribe. Consider adding a simple subscription form at the bottom or top of your website on all your pages.

You can also use other means of increasing your list by using social media and adding a button to your website sign-up form. This can be done with most social media platforms.

4. Use Exit-Intent Pop-up Forms

This is not that difficult to do and some tools can do it for you. When a customer wants to close the window and leave the page, a pop-up form can be added to prompt them to sign-up to your mailing list. This is a bit intrusive and most visitors might click away. To sweeten the deal, try giving something free or a voucher if they do decide to subscribe. Just make sure you state clearly in the pop-up what you are offering in exchange for their email address.

5. Giveaways and Competitions

Giveaways are probably the most lucrative way of growing an email list. Everyone loves free stuff but like before, in reality, nothing is really for free. It does not have to be something expensive or even a physical product. You can offer digital goods to the winner. Remember to have a giveaway strategy that requires participants to share the promotion on their social media. By doing so, you will get even more subscribers.

There are several more ways of increasing your email list. The five above mentioned tips are the most popular ones and the ones that provide the best results with the least amount of effort. These strategies are used by both small and large companies to grow their sales and list of potential customers. Most of these tips are not complicated to implement but may require some web plugins. Those are easy to find as well.

A good approach would be to test these methods individually and look at the results. Once you determined how each method performs, use them in parallel and keep on monitoring the growth of your email list.