A professionally designed website can boost a business’s sales. It can help get your brand’s story in front of your target audience. The cost of creating and maintaining a website can provide huge returns that can easily be offset.

Here are ten reasons why your business does need a website.

#1 Potential customers want one

As customers are becoming more tech-savvy, they’re looking for websites to gain additional insight into the products and services that businesses provide.

#2 Free advertising opportunities

New customers want to see what other people think about your product or service. This information can be provided on your website to testimonials and reviews.

#3 Control your own story

Your website will allow you the opportunity to create your narrative. It is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain influence over what people say about your brand. A well designed and managed website can help keep your brand on message by creating and spreading your vision.

#4 Excellent return on investment

By using just some of the many tools given to you in the digital era. Businesses can produce and maintain a website that will offer a significant return on your investment-comfortably putting your brand in front of thousands of more potential customers at a cost that will be a fraction of the potential gains.

#5 Boost your brand’s credibility

Customers are unlikely to take any business seriously, which doesn’t take the time to invest in a website. Especially considering nearly 50% of new customers are now using their smartphones and search engines to discover new products or services.

#6 provide access to information

A website can provide access to an honest portal for potential customers to get some fundamental questions answered. They might want quick access to your contact details, location, and other information on the products and solutions you offer.

#7 Compete of a larger scale

Regardless of your business size, a useful website offers considerable opportunities to compete with the goliaths of the industry you are in. This is a chance that would not otherwise exist. Once it has been optimized, your website can easily be found in the right place at the right time.

#8 Social media usage is shrinking

Recent data released by Facebook indicates that social media usage is on the decline. In the past, having a Facebook page was enough to attract new customers. But in 2018, Facebook reported that people spent nearly 50 million fewer hours on their social media platform than they did in 2017.

#9 A 24/7 employee

Once your website is created, it will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it doesn’t get sick, has bad days, leaves when a better opportunity arises, etc.

It doesn’t matter whether someone visits the site at 2 am or 2 pm they will be able to get access to the same information. So you need not worry about any lost business and the consequence of a sorry we’re closed sign.

#10 A window for your brand

The opportunity to create an excellent first impression is much more achievable with a website than without. If a customer’s first interaction with your brand is positive, then you are in control. You can now influence how they interact with the different features and offerings of your site.