Despite the rise of a variety of different digital marketing tools, email remains a very widely used form of communication. Millions of adults still check their emails every day. As a consequence, email newsletters have remained a great way of promoting your business.

A professionally maintained newsletter can help increase your bottom line while continuing to build brand awareness, keep customers up to date on your latest products and services, and retain customer loyalty. Here are five key reasons your business needs an email newsletter.

#1. Stay connected with customers.

In the digital age, customers want to stay connected with businesses and brands that they like. Maintaining a professional and personable link with your customer’s can easily be achieved through the use of commercial email newsletters.

Providing your customers with high-quality content will help them stay engaged and connected. Once your customers see your newsletters have something to offer them something exciting and or of exceptional value, They will remain loyal to you because they make an effort to connect with them.

#2. Boost traffic to your website

Generating organic website traffic, it’s not as straightforward as you might think. But a well-designed email newsletter can stimulate and boost visitors to your side, by incentivizing, encouraging, and inviting them to use your product or service. Providing them with high-quality content can help them to make a purchase.

#3. Increase sales

Email newsletters can be a simple but effective way of driving sales when one of your loyal customers receives your email newsletter. You have an opportunity to describe a new product or service, explain its key benefits, and use their existing loyalty to connect with them. Loyal customers can be impulsive and can easily be incentivized to take action.

#4. Grow your customer network

Emails that have had social sharing buttons included often have a much higher click through rates. Utilizing the strength of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as other social media platforms, will be essential to the overall success of any marketing and growth strategy.

Using your email newsletters effectively can help you build your loyal online community. A newsletter can help engage with them through their inboxes. Your email newsletter can then be used to guide them to your social media channels.

#5. Manage your reputation

There are two effective ways to create effective email newsletters: you can either buy space on an already-established newsletter or create one with pertinent information and advertising related to your services.

Utilizing an already existing and well-established newsletter allows you to take advantage of their pre-existing customer base and build your reputation using this platform. This can also help you directly reach your target audience and can prove to be very cost-effective. This is especially true if you are a new business. An existing newsletter provider can also design and write ads that can then take advantage of the pre-existing mailing list.

Don’t fall into the trap of seeing Email Newsletters as a thing of the past or just a chore. These remain incredibly useful marketing and networking tools. A well-designed newsletter now only helps maintain your business’s reputation; it can grow your customer network.