It is difficult to imagine a business model that would not benefit from having a YouTube account. Most consumers consider it odd for a business they like to not have a business YouTube account that posts regularly. The question is how can a business benefit from using YouTube and uploading content for its viewers?

1. Increases Your Presence on Google

All the videos that are posted on YouTube are also indexed on Google. Some may even appear directly into regular web search results depending on how relevant they are to the search. Others may show in video searches. What this means is that the business will get more traffic to the website through YouTube and Google.

2. Higher Conversion Rate

YouTube videos tend to perform better in terms of conversion rates. People are more likely to click on a video and on a link suggested in that video than in an add they might see on a website or in a simple search. Very few other instruments perform as well as YouTube videos.

3. Establishes Trust

Usually, customers are more likely to trust a brand that has a YouTube presence. Even if the communication is just one way, visitors are keen on learning more about a brand or company by watching videos. This is because a lot more information can be compressed in a short video than in a 1000 word blog post. It also provides the opportunity to present the brand, the products in a visual manner, making it easier to understand for potential customers.

4. Can Be Monetized

YouTube videos can be monetized even if they are made by a business, other businesses can put their ads on it. This can be a problem when a competitor advertises on your videos but such practices can be prevented. If a video becomes viral, it can harness tens of thousands of dollars. Depending on the quality of the videos, they may even cover their production costs through the revenue they generate from ads.

5. Can Increasing Email Subscriptions

Because YouTube videos convert better, they can be used to boost email subscriptions. They can also be used to run promotional campaigns, offer promo codes, discounts, giveaways, and so on. These types of videos offer very good results that put other methods to shame.

6. Can Be Used to Make Product Guides and Presentations

YouTube videos are the perfect tool to showcase products, features, and services. Many small businesses create video guides for their products and upload them to YouTube. Sales representatives also use YouTube to showcase their products to potential customers.

There are plenty more reasons and benefits to having a YouTube account for your business. What matters is the quality of the videos. Brands that are associated with poor quality videos lose credibility and get trashed by consumers. This is why most businesses either employ freelancers to edit their videos or have a dedicated team that handles video production. Also, the equipment used is important but since they are considered a business expense, they can be written off the tax statement. You do not have to upload videos too often but they need to have high production value.