Twitter is one of the most long-established and popular social media platforms nowadays. Having an active Twitter account can help businesses convey authority. Although it would demand certain effort to post daily tweets, it is necessary so that your customers can have an easy route to connect with your business.

Businesses need a Twitter account because it works to provide customer service. Many Twitter users often seek quick answers through the platform when experiencing some inconvenience, even though the company never intended to use the account to address problems.

Having this channel for customers to make you aware of an issue will only make your brand look better in the eyes of your prospects, especially if your competitors don’t have a Twitter account. Consequently, plenty of prospects could choose your brand to make business with, thus increasing your revenue.

But that’s not all, there are additional ways in which businesses can benefit from having a Twitter account. The following are some of the most important reasons why you need a Twitter account for your business.

Protect Your Brand

If a business does not use their name on Twitter, probably someone else will. And that can have negative effects on your company. Creating a Twitter account for your business will protect your brand’s reputation, even if you don’t post tweets very often. What’s important is to prevent third parties from tweeting on your business’s behalf and posting inappropriate content, thus damaging your company’s image.

Reach New Customers

Twitter is used by hundreds of millions of people. Therefore, by having a presence in this popular social media platform, your business can reach a wide audience that might be interested in what you offer.

However, increasing your follower count on Twitter can be a hard task. To effectively have more people know your business through Twitter, it’s necessary to post valuable content, interact with your followers, and make use of hashtags to better target the audience your business is looking for.

Generate Leads

Many businesses and entrepreneurs use their Twitter account to talk about new products or promote special offers throughout the day. Users could find these offers appealing and call your business or visit the website for more information, which could end up in your business closing up a sale.

Keep Your Followers Informed

The biggest advantage of using Twitter is accessing news and information from all around the world easily and instantly. So there is no better channel to keep your followers up to date about your brand.

Communicate your audience with everything related to your business. Information is one major psychological drive when it comes to people having to decide what company to buy from, making perfect sense to appear on your audience’s timeline a couple of times a day, every day.

Use Feedback to Improve

Twitter can be a convenient tool to also receive information from your customers. Invite feedback from your followers and use that knowledge to improve on what you are told it could be better.

The comments and reviews from people will not only help your business grow but also will provide useful information for prospects doing research before making a purchase.

Social media platforms are the present and future of online business, and that includes Twitter. Every business needs a Twitter account to convey authority to the world.